Post Snow

A graveyard of sticks after the snow

Some walks unshoveled leaving question of where to go

Frigid lines, icy and stiff

Pine needles … cold but close enough to sniff

Winter decreases motivation

The loss of color, an abomination

Yet there is bright

Snow-capped lantern day or night

Ahh yes, we are not alone
Though huddled and looking down
Jesus is light
No darkness, no evil plight
Ever can overcome
What heaven has already done
Rejoice! No matter the weather
For we are one step closer to Holy’s forever


When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in the darkness, but will have the light of life” (John 8:12).


Yes, I sneaked back here to the poetry blog after my walk today. Coming next week on the other blog will be 3 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues:

Keep moving. Keep praying. Keep looking for light. He is here.

In Christ,


4 thoughts on “Post Snow

  1. Beautiful thoughts about the light being present even in what feels like the absence of color! These gray days do get so weary, don’t they? I got excited when the sun came out for a bit, but then it quickly went away, and so did my excitement. Shows how dependent we become on the weather for our moods, doesn’t it? Thank you for the sweet reminder that the Light of Jesus can never be diminished! Blessings Dear Sister!

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    1. Oh dear Bettie even though I dont have Seasonal Affective Disorder, I have to be proactive about my depression in the winter months and now summer. The older I get I prefer mild temps. Your words ring true about our moods being dependent on weather. But #Jesus. His light never goes out, He is available 24/7 forever and He draws us because He loves us so. May He bless your rest and give your strength for the work He laid out for you do to Bettie. Love, Julie

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