To Honor

On her Mississippi farm


Beneath heavy, pretty blankets


My soul is warm

Soft lights on the table-top tree


Wood repurposed


Old things breathe


Her animals follow


And heed her voice


She knows their patterns


Supports their choices


An angelic Granny presence


A peace-full luminescence


An invitation in every room

… to let go, love well, be with Jesus, who is coming soon.


Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves (Romans 12:10).


I am forever in awe of Jesus. When I met my dear friend in January 2018, it was clear God ordained our meeting. We quickly became sisters, not just in name, but also in deed. Praying, speaking truth in love, hugging and stopping ourselves when wanting to fix each other’s pain. Last January when we first ever met, I was invited to come to the farm to write. What???? She barely knew me, but our Sovereign God knew He would pair us in ministry … and bring me back to the farm not only to write but to visit, to be with the Mississippi family He gave.

Whom can you honor today with your words, your actions?

In Christ,


2 thoughts on “To Honor

  1. Such a precious gift Julie! Both your sharing about your dear sister, and the way that she has shared with you! God is so good to bring you together for His glory and Honor. I will continue to pray for you both to keep sharing what He gives you. And, your post encourages me to continue with those that He has brought across my path also. Thank you for these words today!

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