When I open my eyes for the day and thick air dense with moisture lays, I wonder if it isn’t Holy Spirit pressing in until someone obeys.


When I hear siren upon siren, sense the whoosh of air as they scream down streets in a frantic race of time, I wonder if Jesus Himself awaits on the operating table to soothe and balm and heal upon the chosen time.


When a friend of twenty years retreats and refuses to accept my forgiveness, I wonder if He softened her heart and I just don’t know this.


When social media saps my energy, I wonder how many others God tells to take a break … and how many listen, their will at stake.


When a person knowingly and willfully cheats, steals then lies, I wonder how many angels from His army swarm the skies.

When a country leader persecutes the innocent, I wonder if the persecuted know they are blessed, doused with Heaven’s scent.

When another child abductor takes and uses, chooses to sell for dirty money, I wonder if redemption to the land of honey …


Oh I believe with my whole heart and soul, He can do anything, heal anyone, redeem each sinner. He is bigger than our minds can fathom. He is more powerful than the bomb they call atom. He is full of mercy, when we are quick to accuse and hold court in our own hearts of jury.


Let us be forever testaments of His grace, admitting our faults, bowing and asking for forgiveness, first from Jesus, then to those among us. Is there someone you need to apologize to, own up to, double back and re-do?


We cannot pretend to be perfect because we are not, never will be, living with a history that began with Adam and Eve. Let us step down from the pedestal of self-righteous where pride tells of our own achievements and puts down anyone and everyone below,
as if there are dividing lines between people and places we go.


When we all look up and seek His face, we are all standing in the same place.
When we raise our hands to praise, the display is for His glory, the star of every story, the light still aglow born in Bethlehem 2000 years ago, When we all pray, He listens to His children whispering belief. When we love each other, no matter the money, the stench, the scowl or the hench-man staring us down with a gun,
when we say, Jesus loves you because He loves all my Jesus will save me either now or later. I am forever a victor.


No death, no harm, no judgement or scorn, can ever stop or prevent His love, His sacrifice with thorns made for every last one of us.


So let us join in wonder and awe
Of the Father we all have but never saw.
Let us be Jesus to everyone we meet
For faith is not about our feelings or what we see
It is belief in the unseen
Standing firm in ground made clean
In surrender, we give our will for His, trusting the potter in all jars of clay, in the light and gleam not of a dream, rather the promise our lives will join Him for eternity~


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All photos in this post are from Pixabay.

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Have a beauty-full Sunday.

In Christ,



One thought on “When

  1. Beautiful poem Julie, very heartfelt. I can identify well w/the social media stanza. It’s truly a push/pull, who’s will is driving frequency and content…I think true for many writers and readers! Discernment is a difficult task.


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