For The Lonely

Lonely is a feeling not a fact

Only Jesus knows when He’s coming back

So until then …

May my life story be written by His pen

Alone in an aging body

Abiding in His Spirit  of holy

Waiting and working within my heart,

yearning to be ever more like Him

to please Him

to draw others to believe in Him

to glorify Our Ever Only King Most High


I pray for all those who feel lonely tonight. If you need encouragement, you can find me for a short video on

Still writing over at the other blog. You can find that here

Have a blessed weekend.

In Christ,


7 thoughts on “For The Lonely

  1. Once again your beautiful pen speaks the truth my wonderful sister and I want to thank you for helping me many times when I felt very much alone you always spoke to me and prayed for me thank you Julie I can’t fully convey how much that means to me thank you.

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    1. Dear Robbie, you know what came to mind as I read your comment? There were times in my life early in my walk with God someone stood fir me where I stood for you. And may the connections continue! Keep shining brother. As we are brighter together, God may give us more to shine on💗🎁I just read a post today that said we can pray to ask for one person help at a time 🙂

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      1. My dearest sister Julie you brought me back into the light and showed me that in time I could move forward and because you did that I dedicate myself to helping others too and you started that wonderful ripple effect and you’re absolutely right together we all shine brighter light the way so those who are lost can find their way again keep writing and keep shining my beautiful sister you change more lives for the better than you can ever imagine bless you always Julie I believe that God sends us gifts of life and you were one of those precious gifts 🎁 ❤️☺️

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  2. Oh tearfully grateful you shared this with me Robbie. I deserve no thanks just God put me in the exact place you needed me because He knows all. Keep writing and shining brother. I am signing off to try and sleep off a cold.


  3. Amen! OH, how I long for His return!! But until then, I pray that I will be found drawing closer to Him and obeying Him, my “Ever Only King Most High.” Thank you for these sweet thoughts Julie.

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