Angels on High


Praying by the moon

Its light a gentle swoon

Distant chants


Angels prance

Singing hymns, spin around and dance

When we seek Him to mend

All gapes, open-ended

Jesus, thank You

For Your fullness of grace  … through and through



Welcome everyone! I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to post. I wrote this poem on Twitter last night, in a poetry train with other sisters of faith. Had to share with you. Jesus has a birthday coming. Let us celebrate Him!

New post coming to, current series of Sacred Pauses/Holiday devotions

More holiday #vlogs coming to

You can find me here, too:

Have a beauty-full Sunday.

In Christ,



8 thoughts on “Angels on High

  1. Beautiful! I never pictured the Angels prancing before, but now your words have brought a brighter image of their joyful celebrating! I love this, Julie. Yes, may I enter into celebration as well.

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      1. I hope you have the safest of travels Julie and wherever you go I know you will take that wonderful kind heart and spirit with you that inspires so many others I had a nice weekend thank we don’t celebrate thanksgiving in Australia but I’ve been hearing from my American friends and you my wonderful sister about how good it has been I hope you had a fantastic thanksgiving and wish you a most wonderful day bless you Julie.

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  2. Oh brother, thank you for this huge blessing. I will blog after my trip I am sure. Australia! I did not remember that as your home. Hoping you celebrate Christmas? I get so excited around this time of year🎄


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