Freshly fallen

Like a wound wide open

Vibrant color

As the blood runs

When the wind stings

Hymns of self-pity

His voice whispers,

Come, tarry

Don’t wait, make haste

For the color in your face

Has drained

This pains your ABBA Father


Time passes

Prayers in masses

Gashes scab over

Fray at the edges

Pain dealt with

Jesus took it


Then He looks in your eyes

Promises plenty like the stars in the skies

Abundance for the obedient


Healing does take time but cannot be done with time alone. If you have burdens, weights, sufferings, take them to Jesus.

If you have any wish or plan to die, call 1800 273-8255 our national Lifeline here in the United States.

Don’t keep open emotional wounds to yourself.

I may not be here today if it weren’t for Jesus. He is my Lord and Savior whom I continue to lean on when depression rears its ugly head.

Your story matters. Your pain matters first to Jesus, then to people. People always come second because His love is power and victory and grace all rolled into holy.

Don’t wait.

If you don’t know Jesus, ask me here or just call His name. Say “Jesus I need you”.

Love in Christ,




10 thoughts on “Healing

  1. So powerful. Wow. I see so many lessons in nature and have been mesmerized by the beauty of the leaves lately. I love how you captured so much through these touches of God wafting all around us. As our life ebbs away day by day, you are right, so many beautiful promises await us in heaven. Thank you, Jesus!

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  2. Melissa dear I missed this comment. Definitely spinning one too many plates right now. Thank you for your kind words. Your support means a lot, sister. And I saw your email, dont think I can add anything else right now 😦


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