Broken Sleep



In pieces


Played out

Tired but wired

Eyes long since

Open …


Air hurts


How to capture


The future won’t do

It’s this night

Holding the deficit

This one and the last

A cringing debt


Good morning and welcome to all! If you do not struggle with sleep, I celebrate that with you! It seems on and off my whole life, sleep has not come easy. There are times now I believe God wants me awake. Yet sometimes in my frustration I do not search for His wisdom as perhaps He is expecting. It may be time to see my doctor again for this issue.

The photo in this post is from Pixabay.

What about you? How do you handle broken sleep?

Have a blessed Friday as He ushers us into the weekend.

In Christ,


7 thoughts on “Broken Sleep

      1. You’re most welcome Julie I always appreciate your support too and the light you shine.


  1. Dear Julie,
    Thank you for capturing those night-time feelings so well! Just last night, the Lord awakened me to speak words that I needed to hear. They were words that I had been pondering all day, but could not make sense of. I know that He does want “to give to His beloved sleep,” so even when those night-time meetings with Him come, He still asks me to rest with Him too. I am praying for you sister, for leading and guidance from Him. Love & Hugs!

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