An Angel in Autumn


The warm breeze

Weaved through the trees


Lowering her head, she succumbed

To the arrival of Autumn

In all its celebration of harvest with feast

She tried but cannot shake the relentless beast,

The one who knows

Her fears and woes

And preys upon her being alone

Coveting families in their joyful throes

Tendrils reaching

Deeply breaching

Her young soul

Where too soon life has taken its toll

A thought … no … a slight whisper

Look up, my dear


She doesn’t know how

But the simple act of drawing her chin up from its bow

She sensed a coming blessing, maybe several

She closed her tired eyes, sat still in the now



When the Lord takes pleasure in anyone’s way, He causes their enemies to make peace with them. (Proverbs 16:7).


Thank you for being here! All photos are mine. The angel is my neighbor’s. I am forever drawn to photograph her in every season.

We have a lot to learn through the eyes of God. As I wrote today’s poem, I sought a bigger ending, one with more glory for Him.

Yet, He wanted me to stop writing. Then onto the proverb.

May we all remember His power to do anything with our enemies, including the ones within ourselves.

Today, I am excited to introduce Kathy Foor on my story blog. Check out the post and  follow her blog to be entered to win one of her books:

Have a beauty-full Monday.

In Christ,


8 thoughts on “An Angel in Autumn

  1. So beautiful Julie, with such deep heart cries. I love the way the Lord met you and set the Scripture from Proverbs to lift up hope! Joining you in that prayer.


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