Crystals hardening
A new day dawning
His blue hues
His misty morning
Canada air
Frozen here
Covering the window
Of my sleepy hollow
Where fear and lies deeply burrow
Frothing, freezing
Heavy feeling

What once was clear
Now encrusted … is He still near?
Why can’t I see
The eyes who made me?
When will the shards,
The lonely cold heart
Release the vault
Of hidden tears
Unearth all shame-ridden years
You gave me ice, Lord?
And You, You paid the ultimate price
Why is living so incredibly challenging?
With all the suffering?


After my heart’s torment
My cries and lament
The light of the Messiah
Appears as if it is beyond my crystal cave

His touch of forgiveness comes upon my self-made grave
All for His glory
Pain trickles away from my story
I rise up
Because He lives and does not stop
The pursuit
Of His messy people
Wandering, weighted
Questioning Him, ever afraid
Follow me
I heal, I breathe
Into every crevice
and trespass
I alone can save
Any and all from death’s name
I am here
Forever, each moment of every year
My love for you abounds
Every mountain, valley
So all my sheep are found

Here, let me wipe
The frost
Chip away every loss
Some things pass
New power surpasses
Human might and thought
For in all life, I shower living water on every drought, or frozen knot, or trouble caught.
My Kingdom reigns
Over and over and over again


He sends His commands to the earth;

His word runs swiftly

He spreads the snow like wool

and scatters the frost like ashes.

He hurls down His hail like pebbles.

Who can withstand His icy blast?

He sends His word and melts them;

He stirs up breezes, and the waters flow (Psalm 147:15-18).


Thank you for reading and welcome to all of you.

Join me at 12:30p Eastern time for a live reading of this poem. Go to https://Facebook.com/jdibble4Him

If you are praying for those affected by Hurricane Michael, I am praying Psalm 107:28-31.

Have a blessed Saturday, whatever you do.

In Christ,



10 thoughts on “Unfrozen

  1. Julie this is both beautiful and very emotional your writing clearly comes from deep within thank you for sharing this it’s very moving.

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      1. You’re most welcome my amazing sister you’ve helped many seek him with your wonderful writing and speaking have a beautiful weekend Julie.

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  2. Dear Julie,
    These portions are touching my heart:
    “What once was clear
    Now encrusted … is He still near?
    Why can’t I see
    The eyes who made me?”
    We do become so surprised when a sudden cold snap freezes over our hearts with a hardness that seems to have come from nowhere, don’t we? But your words continue on so beautifully, waiting, He will bring the warmth and the thaw. And He will melt all those hard places with His love. Thank you for this today!

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    1. Thanking Jesus these words had meaning for you, Bettie. When I first was let down from His mountaintop, I thought I left bitter behind forever. Just as you described, a “sudden cold snap” can overcome. So thankful for His forgiveness and healing.

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  3. Powerful imagery! There are times when we do truly feel frozen and we wonder, “Why can’t I see the eyes that made me?” But His Word does run swiftly, yes! I have always loved that scripture and the vivid image it evokes. Many blessings to you as you continue to uplift our souls with your heart and words!

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      1. Thank you for asking, dear Julie! How kind of you. One prayer request is that I can use my time according to God’s plan. I find I am pulled in so many directions. And of course, I have a burning desire to write all that’s in my heart. So, my prayer is for discernment for His highest calling, not the loudest calling. How can I pray for you, my friend?

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      2. You got it, sister! You are the first one that described to me listening for His highest calling. I would love to just pray for each other in this way: Whisper each morning, Lord let my sister Melissa know Your highest calling today. I can cover you. Would you please cover me? Like you, there are so many directions, even within writing itself.

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