Write to Worship at Ridgecrest


Spindly trees
North Carolina bright hues and greens


A bubbling brook
Natures cozy nook

A prayer walk is the label
Silence is the ladle
To capture the whispers
Of heavenly vespers
There in the woods
Set apart from all the world’s should’s

The chapel
A home for all those who grapple
Jesus, He lives
Yet the enemy’s lies give
Areas, openings
Doubt and questioning
Of who we are
Stealing glory from the Morning Star

He who reigns
Never changes
His light provides and heals
From any depth of feels
Jesus is truth and life
No matter what angle, no matter the strife

A God-man sacrifice
Bled to sanctify
All who
His powerful name
Jesus, who is and was and always will be the same


It is human to doubt. I am taking a class with Eva Marie Everson at the writer’s retreat that has encouraged us to ask questions of God but also to answer the ones He gave in His Word.

The line between doubt and faith is thin at times.

Remember Thomas? One of the disciples who walked with Jesus for three years … who smelled the body odor of Our Lord and first-hand was able to witness miracles.

Yet after people Thomas trusted came back to report of the risen Jesus, he refused to  believe unless he not only sees the nails marks but also puts his finger in the holes (John 20:25).

Jesus in his eternal patience with us tells Thomas, “Put your finger here, see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe” (John 20:27).

May we all unite in prayer to praise Him and thank Him, for we would not have breath if it weren’t for Jesus.

Have a restful night.

In Christ,



7 thoughts on “Write to Worship at Ridgecrest

  1. Beautiful and inspirational once again Julie my amazing sister thank you for sharing this amazing post have a very blessed day sister.


  2. Eva Marie everson! Julie how blessed are you! I read her series and it touched me so much that I emailed her. Have you read her Cedar Bay series? So touching about the alcoholic mother. Hit home for me. Beautiful pics you’ve taken in this post as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good morning, Amy, sorry for the late response. Yes, Eva Marie is gifted in many ways by God. I was blessed to get to know her better and receive teaching from her in a three hour class. She wrote many books. I have read none. I plan to get my hands on the one she cowrote with a Jewish friend about Jesus. I think its called Reflections on the life of Jesus in Israel, something like that. Have a blessed Wednesday. I am driving back to PA from North Carolina today.


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