Soaked in Silence


Its eerie
After the rain
Water logged
Puddles welled
Saturation settled
Tender drenched leaves

Points descend
Sensing the end
A cleansing from Heaven
Removal of all leaven bread
Air without noise

Beneath the hollow sky
Grace and mercy
A painful tarry
Waiting to dry
Or expecting to grow?

Our Lord, Our God is the only One who knows.


I form the light and create darkness,

I bring prosperity and create disaster;

I, the Lord, do all these things.

You, heavens above, rain down my righteousness;

let the clouds shower it down.

Let the earth open wide,

Let salvation spring up,

Let righteousness flourish with it’;

I, the Lord, have created it (Isaiah 45: 7-8).


Today is a day of remembrance of the tragedy that befell the United States 17 years ago. It is painful to think God knew this and did not prevent the deaths on 9/11.

Shall we not turn our daily focus to giving thanks to Our Creator, for all He gives? His Son Jesus, His love and grace?

Shall we not continually bow to God, Our Holy Powerful Sovereign God?

Let’s fix our eyes above and lean into a full trust in Him.

What is the alternative?

In Christ,



7 thoughts on “Soaked in Silence

  1. I appreciate you voicing the questions we all have in the face of great tragedy and loss. We cannot understand all of God’s ways. Yet He is Sovereign God. I am not. We don’t like to hear that, but may God help me stay low. Thank you for tackling tough subjects and always pointing us back to the Lord.

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