Our Morning Star


Onto the porch
my socked feet creep
Oh the glory of the coming dawn!
Ahhh, she’s garish

Through the trees
I spy her crescent slices
The stars … muted, humble
Knowing their rest is near
Faithful designs

Memories stir
I wonder why I never learned more than the dippers
His sky was not my friend then
Young, prematurely independent
My world was small
I, smaller

This day marks another
New life granted by His grace
I shall remain in thanks
For all things breathed by Him
His sky, earth’s blanket
Words of honor
Freckles, giggles

Soft yellow second-hand chairs
A husband’s loving face
Nourishment through prayer
My heart: my offering and plea
Lord, I need You
More so, I beseech You
Each moment, let me drink of You


I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star. The Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let the one who is thirsty come; and let the one who wishes take the free gift of the water of life (Revelation 22: 16-17).


Welcome! This poem was inspired from my real-life visit to my front porch this morning. It never ceases to amaze me how quietly night leaves. All photos in this post are from Pixabay. One day, if God wills, I will have a professional camera.

Join me today for a 5 minute lunchtime break to give thanks to Him. 12:15pm ET at https://Facebook.com/jdibble4Him.

I am on a break from my other blog. However, I invite you to check it out https://juliedibblewrites.wordpress.com. I will return to blogging there October 15th.

For now, I am most active on Instagram (and the ministry page above). You may connect with me there https://Instagram.com/@jayjule03

Your sister in Christ,



7 thoughts on “Our Morning Star

  1. Oh, Julie, I felt like I was sitting on the porch with you! I love your imagery. And to be thankful for the yellow second-hand chairs and your husband’s loving face. We can thank God for the big expanses we cannot hold and the little things right here within our reach. What a blessing your words are.


    1. Dear Missy, thank you for joining me on the porch! God is stretching me, and I must remain in thanks. Your words are sinking in. I will rest in trusting Him tonight. Tomorrow’s poem is more raw, but it had to be💚may God bind the areas that are weak and shine brightly into your open soul tonight dear sister.

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  2. Love your poem Julie! It’s so peaceful to get up before the rest of the household and to have our thoughts to ourselves. I read your recent blog too, and I’m glad you are taking this time. Only God knows what it means or why, but you have cleared the space and you are listening with an open heart. That alone speaks volumes to others! Enjoy 💜

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    1. Thank you dear Jamie for joining me here on the poetry blog. Yes, this time has been challenging so far, but that’s how I know God is working in me. Trying to take one day, or one moment at a time. Have a blessed Thursday evening💚🙏

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  3. Dear Julie,
    I can see the beautiful way that God is drawing and filling your heart through this listening time. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful poetry and this Scripture also. I just gave this verse to someone dear this morning–what a precious confirmation from the Lord to read it here tonight. He is the Morning Star in our hearts!

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    1. Oh Bettie, thank you sister. Your presence and prayers have meant a lot as I continue to walk through this time. Today’s poem is a bit raw, evidence of the tearing down of strongholds. Have a blessed beginning of your day with Jesus, Our Morning Star!

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