He is Patient Hope

That hope in front of me
Feels out of reach
On days
When ideas
Swarm like bees
Seeking sweet

But the meat
Is spoiled
Foil wont trap the stench
The mention
Of eternity
Is slippery
Out of grip
Listen! trips and falls
Choices for all
Do we crawl to stand
Or band against?
Persevere or wish it were?

Son of Man
Ever patient
With our indolence
Blesses those who turn
With salient wisdom
To burn the rubbish
Cling to cherish
All that’s good, noble and right
Holy in Heavens sight
Flawed we guffaw
Depressed we decompress
Anxious our words flutter
In one instant
Jesus, near not distant
Your soul knows without a doubt
Hope is here



Thank you for reading. If this were a series, it would be called Hope in the Midst of Depression. I will try to shift the focus in poetry next week as He leads.

Depression is real. I share here because I want others to know they are not alone. Most importantly, I want others to know Jesus never leaves or forsakes. He is our hope.

All photos in this post are mine.

Join me at 2pm today for Meditation Monday https://Facebook.com/jdibble4Him

Have a blessed day.

In Christ,


6 thoughts on “He is Patient Hope

  1. Amen. Jesus is our true Hope, purifying away everything else that is fleeting and not of Him. I pray that when these storms swirl around us, we will continue to look up to Him. Love & Hugs to you as you cling to Him!

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    1. Oh thank you so much Missy. A few years back someone mentioned my poems remind them of psalms, and then you said that recently. It was not intentional. However, I do spend time in the psalms often. Reading them gives me permission to feel all the feelings in my heart while also connecting with Jesus. Have a blessed Wednesday.

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