Heaven’s Pause


Paralyzed by
The lack of decision
The mission blurs
Scribbled words on my heart
Told to halt
Heavens pause
Such sadness
In my soul

An admission
Of guilt in continuing
When less means best
Focused effort
In distress
Will produce more fruit

Than the crazy pulls
Spinning too many
One bound to crash to its fate
He warned me Wait
At first I didn’t know
Hadn’t asked
So time had not passed
Rather piled
Take courage
To step back then forth

And be filled up
For the next thing
His disciples weren’t asked to sing
When their call was to bring
The Good News
Laying it out like a welcome mat
For all
His church
His blessed bride
Required perseverance
And repentance
A severance from the old

Beware Scripture is not literal,
Rather ephemeral
Story told to bring Him glory
So if He says stop
You say, “when?”
If He says blog and Twitter
You bow obediently and hither


PLEASE note: just for this poem in its trail in my mind came the line Scripture is not literal. For me, I was confused to be told to wait for Him when I hadn’t asked Him for anything.

His Holy Bible is God-breathed and though Jesus sometimes used parables, He planted an abundance of plain (literal if you will) truth.

Poem inspired by prayer with Psalm 27:14.

I will continue posting poetry here.

I will continue with vlogs https://Facebook.com/jdibble4him

I will continue my presence on Instagram https://Instagram.com/@jayjule03

If you need prayers, you may email me at juliedibblespeaks@gmail.com

Taking a break from juliedibblewrites.wordpress.com and Twitter until October 15th.

Have a blessed day in the Lord.

In Christ,



2 thoughts on “Heaven’s Pause

  1. Yes!!!!! Oh, Julie, this is truth for all of us to remember! “Beware the scripture is not literal”. There are always deeper truths in God’s Word that we can’t always understand or see at first glance. You are so right to say, beware. I’m so blessed by your words, but much more by your faithfulness to God’s truth and leading. That echoes longest. God will touch you deeply during this pause. I know it.

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