Jesus, Pull Me from My Past

Happened again
She fell asleep on the couch by 10
Awake to return
To her bed
Only to burn
The early morning oil
The kind that draws the bats
Happily flapping
Their way
In the night bay
The place they call home
Where little distractions roam
The moon shares its glow
Whispering dream-dripped secrets to know
Meant for those aloft in slumber

Her ears are aware
Her wanting heart hears
What echoes hope
To years upon years
Of pent up tears
Long ago
A child who sought control
Of a whacked out
She knows to let go

Release the reason she trips,
The draw to tighten her grip
On the unknown
The broken unspoken plans
To steer the family
To a place that’s safe
Far away from the mistakes
Of dysfunction
When she wakes
To reality
She sees her two boys
Physically healthy
Emotionally fragile
Spinning backward
Where did she go wrong?
In this wee sweet hour
The hymn of His power
Descends upon her
“What a powerful name it is
The name of Jesus” (Hillsong, What a Beautiful Name).


“Wait for the Lord

Be strong and take heart

and wait for the Lord” (Psalm 27:14).


Thank you for your visit. It is amazing how sneaky our past can be. As we wait for Jesus to return, let us focus our eyes on Him, on hope. All photos in this post are from Pixabay.

Join me today for #WarriorWednesday, Let’s Get Honest About Fixing our Eyes. I will be on the ministry page every Wednesday at 10:30am Eastern time. Each week we will get honest about a specific faith topic. We are gathering as warriors not to be or act perfect but to be real and gain real strength in Him.


En-JOY your Wednesday.

In Christ,


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