Overwhelmed Notes to Jesus


When the soles of my feet
Meet the concrete
And the breeze parts my hair
I feel my heart open not tear
Looking listening
For His pruning
What needs to go?
Lord will you show
To the overwhelmed
Misunderstood soul
It could be me
Any day


I let the enemy have his way
Or that sister and her husband
Consistently confident
Their marriage obeys His covenant
Can’t we all lay down the burden of being right, of sinful pride?
At Your feet there is nowhere to hide
A sacred breath
Your powerful presence
A glimpse of righteousness
To bring us to center
A home where we can enter

When we are weary
Or have lost our way
When we cant see
The plan of the Trinity
When we insist
The way is THIS
Home to our mind body and soul
A cleansing and restore to whole
Lord, we need You more each minute
Can You hear it?
The cries, the lies,
The moans tragedy tones
Childbirth pain
Beyond Abel and Cain


Lord, thank You in advance
Leaving nothing to chance
And for Your grace
Oh that amazing grace
The suture, the lace
Binding our goodness
Strength to finish the race



All photos in this post are from Pixabay.com


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