The Thirsty


The thirsty
Seek hints of solace

Fall into the arms of wolves
Who prey
On the vulnerable
Who twist lies into “truth”
Who tie the veil closed
At the threat of being exposed

The thirsty
Were born to seek
A spiritual home
Based upon Truth

Our Living Jesus
Always moves
Toward the lost, broken and chained
He walked this earth, died to save
All who call Him by name

In faith some things must die
His Sword of Truth slays lies
Idols, the trophies, the chips

Must be left
To follow Him with a whole heart
To allow Him in

to restore



The You He brought here
And has not left here
The You He knows is confused
He fuses
Into every cracked, trapped place


Until new life rises
In You
And the old
Passes away
His promise and hope
In every new day


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Jesus helped me heal from a past of depression, loneliness, abandonment, bitterness, alcohol abuse, perfectionism, pride and control.

Each step I take forward is a step away from the weight of my past. Hope lives in me.

I am more alive and free at 48 than I was at 40 or younger. Thank you, Jesus.

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2 thoughts on “The Thirsty

  1. His grace, oh I love this: “The You He knows is confused
    He fuses
    Into every cracked, trapped place” This is such a beautiful picture of what God does in our lives! Praying this very thing over some good friends right now. What a blessing to remember and hold onto HIM as He moves in hearts.

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