Truth About Childhood Sexual Abuse by Priests (based upon report from PA Attorney General)


Hushed mouths
Naked bodies
Sins surpassing
Any and all imagination
Crimes in His name
His holiness
Breathed and swallowed
Gagged, ground into marrow

Darkness long hung
Cantations unsung
Faith confused
Souls bruised
Avoiding love
Hoarding any part
Of self
Until the
Secrets unable to stand still
Behind doors
Inside locked files
The dirty, the bile
Brought to Light

Light is truth
Truth honors
Each and every who
God created
The tiny people
Abused under a steeple
Whom His heart grieves for
Whom His blessings will flow far
Whose stories of healing and freedom will bring Him glory
The proper glory due
To Our Jesus
Who cried real tears
When His friends disappeared
Who holds each of ours
In Heaven’s jar
Through the darkest dark
Jesus is the unfailing spark
Of abundant life
Infused with His love
Ministered rightly by those who obey His plans above



Friends, I am grieving the loss of innocence and true love in the lives in the many, many children who were sexually abused, raped, impregnated, used for porn by Catholic priests named in this PA report. Hate is in my heart for this. God calls us to bless those who persecute and not to repay evil for evil (Scripture passage to read Romans 12:9-21).

Love is the only Godly answer.

Join me for my response to this in a live post, Scripture reading and prayer.

If you want to hear more from PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro, go here.

If you have suffered any kind of abuse, I am sending you an embrace. If God wills, maybe we will be together someday, and I can hug you in person. I am sorry you were abused. I hate all that’s happened from adult men in the priesthood to victimize children and cover up the crimes. I pray all those who commit and have committed abuse turn to Jesus with honest, repentant hearts to be free from their prison of sin.

Your sister in Christ,




2 thoughts on “Truth About Childhood Sexual Abuse by Priests (based upon report from PA Attorney General)

  1. Oh Julie, my heart is aching and so grieved also. I have a friend who is scarred from generations of abuse, and the pain seems impossible at times to find any healing. But Jesus is the great redeemer. And so I lift my heart with yours and ask God for healing for each one broken so deeply.

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