Floods and Fires


The morning is cool
Blue sky over flooded ground
Memories lost
Never to be found
Seeking the rainbow
A Colorful promise
Covering the destruction
A bridge
Sinking muck
Rising hope

There’s no pot of gold
As the image
Disappears into the air
Faith remains
Our hearts believe in unseen
Clinging to He
Who breathed
Birds and trees
Rain and sleet
Fire and icy
We are never forsaken
Choose to be thankful
Not forlorn
Let praise leave your lips
In the midst of your scariest trip
Let wonder of His power
Be your prayer every hour

It is not easy
To defeat
Damning doubts
Nagging fears
Stand on trust in Him
Trials will end


The Word who began

Will not end,

Awaits us in Heaven



I form the light and create darkness

I bring prosperity and create disaster

I, the Lord, do all these things

You heavens above, rain down my righteousness;

let the clouds shower it down

Let the earth open wide,

Let salvation spring up,

Let righteousness flourish with it:

I, the Lord, have created it (Isaiah 45:7-8).


This poem was born on my morning walk while I was praying for the fires in the West. It seems odd we in PA have had recent flooding, and they desperately need the rain to come.

It is ALL in His hands. Even when it’s hard, we choose to trust. What’s the alternative?

All photos in this post are from Pixabay.

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Have a beauty-full rest of today.

In Christ,







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