Personal Encounter


Unaware of their names
I seek the pretty

The tiny
The bright

But oh the lavender!
Almost night …


It wasn’t its color
Or its position

The scent
Succulent and fresh

Meant for me
Who sometimes feels like a nobody

Little ole me
Intimately drawn

By an aroma
Supernaturally given

By the power living
In the eternal glory of heaven


I seek His face
To say thanks

My small offering
Of gratitude


For the magnitude of
Nose-to-soul joy


Hello! This poem was born out of my walk last evening. Even though I walk the same streets every day, if I pay attention I see (and smell) new things each time.

What will make your Tuesday a blessing? Do you have a person in mind who may need your encouragement? Have you told your closest family members you love them?

Whatever your plans, en-JOY your day.

In Christ,



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