Personal Encounter


Unaware of their names
I seek the pretty

The tiny
The bright

But oh the lavender!
Almost night …


It wasn’t its color
Or its position

The scent
Succulent and fresh

Meant for me
Who sometimes feels like a nobody

Little ole me
Intimately drawn

By an aroma
Supernaturally given

By the power living
In the eternal glory of heaven


I seek His face
To say thanks

My small offering
Of gratitude


For the magnitude of
Nose-to-soul joy


Hello! This poem was born out of my walk last evening. Even though I walk the same streets every day, if I pay attention I see (and smell) new things each time.

What will make your Tuesday a blessing? Do you have a person in mind who may need your encouragement? Have you told your closest family members you love them?

Whatever your plans, en-JOY your day.

In Christ,



One thought on “Personal Encounter

  1. Julie this is beautiful you truly not only capture the moment but the emotion as well your writing is just wonderful I’m very blessed to know you.


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