An Ordinary Pillow


Just an ordinary pillow
Each night I know not
Where I go
Dreams are so

A delicious soul story …
This crazy drive
Fueled by pride
Only to find
My missing underwear in a mine
Or whispers of sweet love

Hearing the crash of the sea
A flash
My husband’s face
And someone other than me!
Night keeps walking
Deep in sleep

Darkness stalking
A quickened pace
Someone’s coming
Behind me
I’m humming
“Oh, shhh” I think
I am on the brink
Of danger
A bright light emanates

Through it I see a baby
In a manger
A newborn beaming
Cooing … no! He is speaking
It’s a message for me
My eyes pop
I’m sweating from bottom to top
Blankest twisted
I long to return to sleep
This instant
There is something in that dream I missed …



“And again, when God brings His firstborn into the world, He says, ‘Let all God’s angels worship Him'” ~Hebrews 1:6

Thank you to all followers and readers here today! God reminded me of this poem I scratched one night I couldn’t sleep.

May the message He has for you in these words be clear to your mind and heart. If you have any prayer needs or questions for me, you may email me at

I invite you to connect with me in these places too:

Have a beauty-full day.

In Christ,



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