The Love of Joy


Joy splashes

Washes the tightness of breath

Uncoils the tongue ready to stretch

and strike


Joy guards the lips

Of a weary heart

Slows the temp

Disallowing the pointy slips


Joy unites

Relieves the stress

to impress

Redressing the entire mess


Joy celebrates

Even when inundated

With unknowns

In all our broken, She silently adjusts our crowns


Thank you for reading today. I pray you have a lightness in your heart. I do wrestling with some stress last week.

Today while my boys splashed in the pool, I wrote about joy, who never left me last week but was quieter than usual.

Today is Meditation Monday. At 3pm Eastern time, I will do a guided meditation at If you miss it, you can visit later when the recording is posted.

New post on my other blog “Lessons in Speaking from the Fireflies”



4 thoughts on “The Love of Joy

      1. I just felt the time was right to leave the twitter landscape has dramatically changed for the worse but I have my poetry blog here on WordPress and I still get to read your wonderful writing so I’m happy bless you Julie and keep spreading your positive messages of hope and light.


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