Truth of Abuse


Abuse can be silent screams
Abolished dreams
A tearing of ideas
The feeling nobody cares

Bruises aren’t always blue
Emotional scars
cannot be recognized
by the eyes of me and you

Danger can hide
Behind the world’s definition of right


But when you listen close to the subtle things
You realize nobody sings

Of joy, of freedom
Because all has been stolen

By the thief of the night
Shadows cloud any bright


Where is the hope
For someone hanging onto the last piece of tattered rope?

Jesus whose clothes were gambled
A tiny covering of his loins

Splayed out on a cross
Obeying His Father, the Holy Boss


His death is our lifeline
When we are brow-beaten and spiritually dry

He knows when we suffer
Sometimes there is no buffer



For He who rose
To breathe life back into the dark and broke



This poem is written in honor of all who are or ever have been in abusive relationship. Your emotional, spiritual, and physical health are important to God, important to me.

If you or someone you know is an unsafe relationship, please share this post and get help as soon as possible.

God never intended love to hurt physically or emotionally.

National Domestic Violence Hotline 1800 799-7233

National Suicide Hotline 1800 273-8255

In Christ,





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