She Rises


Shards of her past

Whisper regrets lasted

Persisted beyond finished

Scars deeply caving

Though new passions raving


Her soul careening

Where light is beaming

A place that’s real, one she’s been dreaming

Now is the time of reveal

A lifting of her pain-staken veil


Emerging from her life-long cocoon


To share her butterfly


Such delicate things

But vibrant in color

A fullness to bear

The lightest yoke, just and fair


She, a new woman,

Rises, makes her presence known,

when all those years before she tried and couldn’t


We delight in the beauty of the butterfly but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty. -Maya Angelou


Thank you for your visit. This poem came to me on a walk yesterday. It is so overwhelming sometimes to think how far I have come with God, understanding of course that He is far from finished. All photos today are from

Are there ways you feel new? Have you sought change in your life and not found it?

Feel free to start a conversation in the comments.

Have a blessed day.

In Christ,


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