Freedom Isn’t Free


Freedom isn’t free
Battles fought
Lives lost
Military life
Can be lonely for the wife
Moving again and again
At the will of the United States Government


Men and women in camo
Fly to the ends of His earth
Sent to be the message of life, rebirth
Freedom isn’t free
The liberties at our fingertips
Were bought with a price for you and me


Freedom is not meant to be in vain
Still there are slaves, beaten, drowning in pain
Thank you Lord for those bands of warriors collecting and protecting
But Lord we need more
More hands for Heavens harvest

Jesus when your blood ran
Down the tree they crossed to stand
Every cell
For all …

the wicked, the snobby
those who think Bible study is a hobby,
the lost and maimed
by human lashings
smashing any sense of their self worth

Leaving your death a powerful mystery
A life resurrected
The Keys to Hades
A mirage reflected
In the shake of the earth
In the bottoms of souls
In the lives rescued from bones
In the rising of hope

You, Jesus, who was and is
And the One still to come
On a stream of eternal glory
So magnificent and bright
Speaking invitations to the hopeless trapped by night

No freedom isn’t free
But what we can hardly fathom

Is that you, Jesus, died for everyone who has been last

on the bottom of every list

those forgotten by the rich

Oh but You died for the rich and the wayward too!

You wait patiently for all to seek You

Then hearts to open, accepting the grace of salvation
Given freely meant for multiplication

Thank you, Lord Jesus, and every last man and woman who has laid their life down so that someone else may have a freedom crown.


Thank you for being here. Scripture references: Revelation 1:8 and John 15:13. If you are free (no pun intended) you can join me at 7:05pm Eastern time for a live reading of this poem. Find me here

Leave comments if you choose and have a blessed couple of days.

In Christ,









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