An Ode to Those Who Have Migraines


A migraine

In the mundane

A pounding in the brain


Head full of lead

Would feel better if it bled

That being said


Please leave me alone

Resting at His throne

Where He invites me home


The cause they say

Unknown today

But maybe that doctor down the way …


I beg you, stop talking at me

Don’t tell me what you see

For only His gentle healing hands lead


Me to desperately sip at the well

The place He meets those with stories to tell

Though He guides me to His arms after I fell


Whispers so lightly a promise

That His living water is endless

For all those lost and breathless


He raises a gold cup to my lips

Tenderly tips

My head back as I sip and sip


Its cool and crisp

Awakes my senses. I suddenly sniff

A warm sweet tangerine aroma drifts


Brings me near

Losing  all fear

I snuggle under the arms of my Lord and Savior


Good morning! Do you suffer with migraines? Have you found anything that helps?

If you or someone you know has migraines, yesterday I read this poem live and offered a prayer. Go to to listen. Sometime later today, I will go live with Monday Meditation, a guided meditation intended to bring you closer to Jesus and relax your spirit.

Blessings in Christ,




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