The Beach Veil: A #Poem


The air is gray
Clouds invading every inch of soul space
Danger here

Vacant there
A covering, a thin film
What is happening in the spiritual realm?

Books about Jesus
Shelved next to those of witches

A cute café
For a quick cup
The man behind the counter
Expressionless as he receives my dollars


Straight to the rest room
Joy hits me with a boom
A woman, probably grandma
Rubbing the belly of a pregnant mama
Then another, there she comes
With wonder, she spreads her hands
Awaiting the blast of air
Realizing if she moves away, it disappears
Her three-year old face
So fresh, immune to the weight of this place

Joy has left the building, or is it me?

Give thanks in ALL things … a lesson I learned to sing in the midst of worry
All rushes back to me
In a flurry
When my heart could not
I retreated from God
Stopped seeking
Ceased reaching

Early I hid in bed
Earlier yet, I raised my head
Patterned coffee sips

My Bible pages flipped
Folded hands
Bowed head
Interceded mostly for others
Then, as in those dreaded sin and sorrow-laden days
While Christ and sadness hung
In every follower’s face
There in my soul
After two emotionally hard days took their toll

His sun rose again

SonroseFeet roasting in sand
An explosion of color, against a backdrop painted by His hand


Oh how I know
The fear of the unknown
As Peter must have felt
Hating himself for the refusal as he knelt
Good Friday is
Mourn day
Saturday the elongated wait
Like someone hiking the Appalachian trail state to state

Then Sun-Day, the victorious rising of the Son
Hallelujah! Glory and honor to Christ, the Only Begotten One!



Thank you for visiting. Our time at the beach was short with many challenges, mostly within my heart. Did this poem speak to you? Or have you an experience where in His timing after waiting two days, something opens?

Have a blessed Saturday.

In Christ,


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